Predicting Future Performance and Success of your Employees

How cassudy works

The test subject processes a case study online and the processing pattern is captured and analysed to determine the personality traits under consideration

Analysis of decision making processes

We analyze the process, that eventually ends in a decision and we compare this process with a respective benchmark

Cassudy case study deliver tailored results based on typical, realistic businness scenarios

Well suited, realistic case studies

Do you think that classic personality tests are too generic and not meaningful enough?

Cassudy is a SaaS Solution, 24/7, for desktop, laptop and tablet environments.


Full Customer Experience Service

Time-saving and not only for objective candidate 

assessment but also for 

employee development 

and training purposes within a company.

You are looking for one aptitude diagnostics tool for the entire employee life cycle?

What cassudy offers

This is how cassudy plays to its strength!


frugal and inspiring

Time and effort for the company is minimal. Processing case studies is reasonable for the test subject and definitely more inspiring and entertaining than questionnaires.


flexible and specific

Cassudy´s case studies are configured such they represent realistic business scenarios in a well defined context and are suited to evaluate the personality traits of interest


fake impossible

The cassudy evaluation mechanisms are hidden from the test subject unlike in traditional questionnaires. Therefore manipulating the results ("social desirability") is practically impossible.

Who We Are


The masterminds behing theBRAINSconcept come along different scientific routes: Werner holds a PhD in physics and he developed the idea behind cassudy during his scientific research activities.

Sylvia is humanities scholar (political science), experienced lateral entrant and she looks back on a long track record in the field of communication.


What our Customers say

"The case study based concept seems to be easy to communicate to our partners in the business units. The concept is easy to understand and comes across as related to the real business world without the 'mysticism' of psychological tests."

Michael Löffler, Head HR Services, cws-boco