Software solution for recruiting, 

development and training.

How it works

Science-based recruiting and training

Science Based Analytics

Based on scientific approaches like decision heuristics and process tracing, we offer intelligent talent screening for the staff you are really looking for.

Intuitive On-Site 

Using realistic business scenarios related to the jobs and the company under consideration the case studies deliver tailored results.

Remote Accessibility

Always at your service: 24/7 availability, online 

only (no paper waste), 

suitable for all desktop, 

laptop or tablet 


Full Customer Experience Service

Time-saving and not only for objective candidate 

assessment but also for 

employee development 

and training purposes within a company.

What cassudy offers

Take a step towards the staff you really need


For Each Position

Cassudy assesses the suitability of a person for a given position in the company based on the processing of typical business cases.


For Your Company

Maximum benefit is generated for executives in HR as well as executives in all core and support functions of your company.


For Your Value

A live demo is more meaningful than any text at this point. Just arrange an appointment!

The Market in Germany


Management Positions must be filled every year


Recruiting Fees for HR Agencies


Screening Costs per Candidate


Applicants in Consulting Industry


 Recruited Employees that did not meet expectations

About us


The two hemispheres behind theBRAINSconcept cover different scientific paths: Werner has a Ph.D. in Physics and while following the path of research and evidence, the idea of cassudy was born. Sylvia is humanities scientist (political science), career changer and loves and knows how to put things front row.


What our Customers say

"The case study based concept seems to be easy to communicate to our partners in the business units. The concept is easy to understand and comes across as related to the real business world without the 'mysticism' of psychological tests."

Michael Löffler, Head HR Services, cws-boco