Find out how your leadership guidelines and principles are internalized

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The Problem

Traditional evaluation methods come to their limits.

Results are mostly biased and doubtful.



An interview is restricted to what the interviewee wants to disclose about himself.

Human Observation:


A human observer (in an assessment situation) cannot track the individual steps of a mental process.

Peer Review

Peer reviews are often biased by factors like relationship, age, gender, etc

Automated Testing:


Depending on the test set-up candidates can provide the best fitting answer, not the personal belief.

Leadership Development means to make Managers take the right Decision in line with Leadership Guidelines and Principles

Decisions shall be taken in the light of corporate values, corporate strategy considerations and should respect corporate culture.

These aspects play a dominant role in a manager´s overall leadership performance

The Solution

Capture and visualize the process of decision making while processing a case study

Offer Test Scenarios

We offer case studies for leadership scenarios, risk propensity assessment, ambiguous Code of Conduct and Compliance situations, role model behavior and many more.

  • If required we also model scenarios tailored to your specific situation

Provide Screening to 'Subject'

This SaaS product enables easy remote and on-site screening.

  • the screening can be performed at any location. Arranging screenings is easy and convenient for all parties involved

Capture Behavior

We track the major process steps during handling of the given business scenario timely and reliably.

  • all the relevant steps a decision-maker takes are tracked in detail and are immediately scientifically evaluated

  • this delivers an objective working process pattern during screening

  • simulating a desired behavior or choosing the expected answer is nearly impossible

Provide Insights

Evaluate coherence, conformity, focus and much more.

  • screening delivers behavior patterns, prioritization patterns and aspect weighting during decision making process which in turn delivers the manifestation of the traits to be evaluated

  • the traits of interest can be adjusted as per customer request

What's so different?
Monitoring Managers 
"in Action"



Behavior will be analyzed based on objective criteria related to the way the candidate acts.


Predefined evaluation schemes are applied immediately after the case study is finished. Results are then readily available.

Fully Automated



Can be integrated in any leadership development process already in place.


The method applied here is adopted from academic psychological research and transferred into applicable business environments

Scientifically Proven