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A brand new candidate journey experience using cassudy´s case study approach in online applications

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Attracting talent is key for many companies and a pressing issue in times of shortages of specialists and managerial skills. But what is key for talent when looking for new job positions online?

Talents use online recruiting platforms as well as company career sites. Talents have reported that the key factors for them to seriously check job postings are:

  • the requirements towards the applicant have to be clearly described

  • the applicant expects to get an idea on how his/her daily tasks and the job environment looks like &

  • the applicant wants to know how corporate culture of the company is set up and lived up to

  • the applicant expects a clear understanding and fast processing of his application

  • the candidate gets his/her first impression through the job posting itself. Obviously, a well designed job posting document is more than just a listing of bullet points on requirements and activities combined with the „usual suspects“ of corporate culture components. Ideally it addresses and meets the expectations as mentioned above

But can a company do better compiling a decent job posting document?

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Candidate journeys the future way with cassudy

Here is the point where cassudy comes into the game. A cassudy case study is built around a realistic business decision scenario that reflects a task that the applicant would work on in his/her daily job. As an example: a supply chain manager would typically select one out of several different possible sourcing options regularly and he/she would need to consider corporate culture and corporate strategies as conditions to be met. And this is exactly the way cassudy case studies are designed.

Offering the applicant the opportunity to process such a case study gives the applicant a perfect impression of his/her future job. The applicant will

  • work on typical cases that are a major part of his/her future daily business which in turn gives him/her an impression of the daily transactions in this job

  • be able to self-assess to what degree he/she is mature enough to be successful in this job, meaning fulfilling the requirements in terms of experience, skills and capabilities

  • will get an idea of the corporate culture and how this culture has to be considered in his/her daily work

  • have a clear outline of the „next steps“ with this case study (when to receive the results, what comes next)

  • will be curious if he/she took the „right“ decision in the case study

  • will experience „respect“ as the case studies typically ask the applicant to take a well informed business decision rather than purely check their cognitive abilities

At the same time, the company will get a lot of insights into the personality of the applicant and the approach the applicant takes to process the case study.

Finally, this is a classical win-win situation. The company receives a work sample together with a personality traits assessment of the candidate and the candidate experiences a demanding but also entertaining „real work life scenario“ that will be suited to help him/her to recognize a match between own skills/expectations and the job offer. This knowledge will greatly help to identify mismatches at an early stage and save time and effort for all parties involved.

So both parties can do an informed decision on how to continue the application journey.

If you are interested in more details on cassudy case studies and how your recruiting, people development and leadership development approaches will benefit from it, please visit our website or send me an e-mail (

I´ll be happy to give you additional background information along your specific questions!

Werner Sohn

Founder and Product Developer

cassudy by theBRAINSconcept

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