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Experience today how your Employee will act in the Future

Take your Recruitment to the next level -
with cassudy.



An interview is restricted to what the interviewee wants to disclose about him-/herself.

Human Observation:


A human observer (in an assessment situation) cannot track the individual steps of a mental process.

CV Scan:

CVs or other self-disclosure documents provide limited indication on behavior.

Automated Testing:


Depending on the test set-up candidates can provide the best fitting answer - not the personal belief.

the problem

Traditional Methods to assess an Individual´s Decision Making have Weaknesses

How is decision making really done? Carefully? Consciously? Driven by a set of company compliant motifs and company values?

Get clarity and eliminate guessing and observation bias!

the solution

Monitor the processing of a fictitious but relevant
business outline.

Offer Business Scenarios

We provide pre-configured storylines for certain roles e.g. HR manager, Logistics manager, Sales manager, Procurement manager and many more.

Based on academic research we create case studies tailored to specific business decision scenarios.

Provide Observation to 'Subject'

Our SaaS product enables easy remote and on-site observation.

The screening can be performed at any location and at any time.

Arranging is easy and convenient for all parties involved.

Capture Behavior

Track all process steps during handling of the given business scenario timely and reliably.

The steps a decision-maker takes are tracked in detail and are immediately scientifically evaluated. This delivers an objective working process pattern.

Simulating a desired behavior or choosing the expected answer is nearly impossible.

Provide Insights

Evaluate coherence, conformity, focus and much more.

The case studies may reflect the business transaction under consideration together with its context (strategic environment, corporate values, leadership guidelines etc).

Cassudy analyses traditional personality traits (team orientation, openness, readiness for change) as well as aspects like risk propensity or general cognitive abilities.

realistic & motivating = positive candidate



Behavior will be analyzed based on objective criteria related to the way the candidate acts.


Predefined evaluation schemes are applied immediately after the case study is finished. Results are then readily available.

Fully Automated



Can be integrated in any recruiting or promotion evaluation process early in the process.


The method applied here is adopted from academic psychological research and transferred into applicable business environments. 

Scientifically Proven

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